Tuesday, June 21, 2011

GasCapades! Vestal NY Wednesday! w/EPA Wistleblower Weston Wilson and others


Government Cover-Ups! Collateral Damage!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011,

Vestal American Legion, 118 S. Jensen Rd. Vestal, NY

7:00pm (doors open at 6:30pm)

Weston Wilson. Retired EPA Scientist/Whistleblower

Explains how the gas industry has infiltrated and influenced the decision making board of the EPA, of fracking, helping the gas industry obtain exemptions from environmental laws, and how he was fired from the EPA for his efforts to reveal the truth about the gas industry.

Tara Meixsell, Author/Antifracking Activist

Chronicles the countless lives devastated by gas and oil development; explains how she effected

political and legislative change to bring under control an inherently dangerous industry.

Rick Roles, Charismatic Cowboy (Gasland & Split Estate)

Explains what happened to him after gas drilling began on his Rifle Colorado ranch. You have to meet this guy – a charismatic cowboy from Colorado who sadly had his ranch destroyed. Rick has appeared in both “Gasland” and “Split Estate”. Rick is the kind of guy that you’d see starring as a rugged cowboy in a Hollywood western.

Jeff + Jodi Andrysick, Farmers/Filmakers (All Fracked Up)

Describe the Pulteney Rebellion, the action that helped prevent the installation of a frack waste

disposal well in Pulteney, NY just a half mile from Keuka Lake. Farmers turned filmmakers, produced “All Fracked Up” and ended up classified as eco-terrorists by PA Homeland Security. Come and meet the faces of these concerned citizens and judge for yourself.

Co-sponsors: Jeff + Jodi Andrysick, BRSC, NYRAD www.nyrad.org

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