Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The power of Energy and Thoughts


May our collective actions and thoughts
have a great positive effect
through Seven Generations.

Here in NY, there is a lot of talk about desperate action,
rallies, protests, even CD.

This is understandable.

I hope you all will listen carefully to these words.
  • If you are attending any rally
  • if you are addressing the public
  • or, If you are attending any protest,
    (...especially CD)

You should purify and align your energy FIRST,
or you should STAY HOME!

To be aligned with the Divine Life Force,
we all must practice the following Eight Rules:
  1. No action from Anger or Fear
  2. No Harm / Compassion for all beings
  3. Non-Attachment
  4. Release Ego
  5. Release Judgments
  6. Release Dualities / Cultivate a Vision of Union
  7. Do not Doubt the Power of Miracles!
  8. Your words and intentions matter more than you realize!

This is ancient wisdom.
This is ancient TRUTH.

This information did not originate from me,
but has been passed down though 10,000 generations.

More info:

This is natural law.
If we act in accordance with natural law,
or efforts will be fruitful.

(Yet, we must not act seeking fruits of action!
We must do what we must do. And that is all.)

And if we act against natural law,
there will be consequences for Seven Generations.

This is the words of the Ancient Elders and Rishis.

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