Thursday, July 7, 2011

My letter to Donna Lupardo (facebook)

Donna's facebook post announcing her appointment to the natural gas advisory panel, and my response...

Statement on appointment to High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Advisory Panel.

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo - New York State Assembly 126th District

--- my response ---

It's a great position of power. I'd like to hear of someone on that panel who is going to act to protect our air, water, and quality of life.

Will that be you?

All along, Donna, you've said "Let's let the DEC do their job", which does not distinguish you from your colleague Tom Libous. I recall both you and Tom voted against moratoria *twice*.

At least Tom is honest about being beholden to the moneyed gas interests.
I'm wondering when I will see your voting record reflect your reputation as an environmentalist.

Now the legislative session is over for the year, the revised SGEIS has been issued, and permits for hydrofracking are looming in the fall.
And this beautiful place will be ruined for 1,000 years.

Will this be your legacy, Donna?
Will you be remembered as an environmentalist when these beautiful hills are stripped for well pads and pipelines, our clean water is brown and filled with chemicals, and our air is unfit to breathe?

What can you do at this point, my dear friend? Once it starts, the flood gates are opened for NY to get fracked like our unfortunate neighbors in PA.

My family is from Bradford County PA. I visited there when I was a young boy. The water there was the best. WAS. Bradford Co. is now WORSE than Dimock.

What will it take, Donna? To get you to show some courage and leadership on this issue?

We've provided you with economic data, the false myth of jobs and prosperity masking the boom/bust reality.

We've provide you with environmental data, about both threats to water, air, and quality of life.

We've provided you with questions about the DEC's ability to properly inspect, and enforce the law. And what about the DEC's conflict of interest? How can they both protect the environment, AND issue the permits which could ruin it?

This gas extracted from smashing the body of Mother Earth is not "natural". That's PR BS. It's not a transition fuel, it's not cleaner than coal. It's not for domestic use, it's being bought by India, China, Britan, Norway, and Korea.

NYRAD has data extracted from Broome County public records which shows that only 4% of Broome Co. has been leased, but this amounts to nearly 1/3 of the total land area. And the "owner" in many cases is some LLC. It's not even a human being. Probably some shell company for foreign investors.

Donna, Please.
Your Mother (Earth) is in grave danger.

May the Great Spirit guide your actions, and infuse you with courage to use the great powers bestowed upon you to act wisely and protect this land for the Seven Generations to follow...


William Huston
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tentoes said...

excellent bh. i put my faith in the powers that be to hold back the natty gas invasion because it just ain't right! But all of us must join in he effort by voicing our opinions and using our wills and our words to help stop the onslaught. Like you said, once it starts, there'll be no way of stopping it.