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Senator Avella letter to Gov. Cuomo requesting a STATEWIDE BAN on hyrdofracking!

Here is the text of the Sen. Avella and Asm. Colton's letter to Gov. Cuomo asking for a STATEWIDE BAN.
An image of the original letter is here:
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Senator Tony Avella
38-50 Bell Blvd.
Bayside, NY 11361
(718) 357-3491

June 30, 2011
Governor Andrew Cuomo
Executive Chamber
New York State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224
Assemblyman William Colton
155 Kings Highway
Brooklyn, NY 11223
(718) 236-1598

Dear Governor Cuomo,

We are writing to express our deep concerns surrounding the prospect of hydraulic fracturing "hydrofracking" in New York State and respectfully request your leadership in instituting a State-wide ban on its practice. As you are fully aware, the practice of hydrofracking is not regulated under the federal Clean Air and Water Act, and will be undergoing an in-depth review by the Environmental Protection Agency. Meanwhile, reports produced by the National Academy of Sciences and Cornell University confirm that hydrofracking has caused water contamination and is not a clean alternative to coal or oil.

Shale gas hydrofracking has sparked a national debate regarding its impact on hour health, environment, and energy future. The massive grassroots support for a ban of the practice is reaching a fever-pitch not only in NYS, but around the world. Just recently, New Jersey's State Legislature passed a ban on hydrofracking and sent a clear message to the nation and the world that they value their priceless water resources. In Europe, the French National Assembly passed a pan on the practice, only to be narrowly defeated by the Senate. The whole world has caught fire in reaction to this drilling practice, and NYS should join these efforts and lead the way in saying "No" to the shale gas industry.

Aside from our duty to protect the health and well-being of our residents, we must also protect the interests of landowners and those investing in this industry. This concern comes on the heels of a New York Times report which calls into question the industry's profit forecasts. The Times uncovered internal e-mails from industry insiders which suggest the profitability of shale gas is overblown and, "...shale gas plays are just giant Ponzi schemes and the economics just do not work." This has led NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to subpoena five shale gas companies and demand a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into whether or not these companies have been forthcoming and transparent with their investors.

It is estimated that of the 500 trillion cubic feet of natural gas trapped in the Marcellus Shale, that only 10% is recoverable. That amounts to only about two years of natural gas supply for the entire country at current consumption levels. We must evaluate our willingness to jeopardize our potable water for short-term gain and use our foresight in the prioritization of natural resources.

With your leadership, we can prove to the nation and the world that we value our precious water resources and are willing to protect them for future generations. The risk presented by hydrofracking; where a single accident can do irreparable harm to our water supply and our farmland, simply outweighs any potential economic profit. We urge you to analyze the situation in a practical manner, and use your authority to take NYS down a path of sustainable prosperity by banning the dangerous process of hydrofracking.


Senator Tony Avella

38-50 Bell Boulevard Suite C

Bayside, NY 11361

United States

Phone: 718-357-3094

Fax: 718-357-3491

Assemblman William Colton

155 Kings Highway

Brooklyn, NY 11223

Phone: 718-236-1598


Seven Cohen, Secretary
Howard Glaser, Director of State Ops.
Lawerence Schwartz, Senior Advisor
Joseph Percoco, Execituve Deputy Secretary
Thomas Congdon, Deputy Secretary for Energy

(Other signers)

Senator Eric Adams

572 Flatbush Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11225

Phone: (718) 284-4700

Fax: (718) 282-3585

Senator Joseph P. Addabbo

159-53 102nd Street

Howard Beach, NY 11414

United States

Phone: (718) 738-1111

Fax: (718) 322-5760

Senator Martin Malavé Dilan

786 Knickerbocker Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11207

United States

Phone: (718) 573-1726

Fax: (718) 573-2407

Senator Thomas K. Duane

322 Eighth Avenue Suite 1700

New York, NY 10001

United States

Phone: (212) 633-8052

Fax: (212) 633-8096

Senator Adriano Espaillat

5030 Broadway

New York, NY 10034

United States

Phone: (212) 544-0173

Fax: (212) 544-0256

Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson

959 E. 233rd Street

Bronx, NY 10466

United States

Phone: (718) 547-8854

Fax: (718) 515-2718

Senator Shirley L. Huntley

161-10 Jamaica Avenue Suite 504

Jamaica, NY 11432

United States

Phone: (718) 523-3069

Fax: (718) 523-3670

Senator Liz Krueger

211 East 43rd Street Suite 401

New York, NY 10017

United States

Phone: (212) 490-9535

Fax: (212) 490-2151

Senator Carl Kruger

2201 Avenue U

Brooklyn, NY 11229

United States

Phone: (718) 743-8610

Fax: (718) 743-5958

Velmanette Montgomery

30 Third Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11217

United States

Phone: (718) 643-6140

Fax: (718) 237-4137

Senator Gustavo Rivera

2432 Grand Concourse, Suite 506

Bronx, NY 10458

United States

Phone: 718-933-2034

Fax: 718-933-2825

Senator José M. Serrano

157 East 104th Street (Ground Level)

New York, NY 10029

United States

Phone: (212)-828-5829

Fax: (212)-828-2420

Senator Daniel L. Squadron

250 Broadway Suite 2011

New York, NY 10007

United States

Phone: 212-298-5565

Fax: 212-431-7836

Senator Toby Ann Stavisky

144-36 Willets Point Boulevard

Flushing, NY 11357

United States

Phone: (718) 445-0004

Fax: (718) 445-8398

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