Saturday, August 4, 2012

Media and Messaging: How PR attempts to normalize explosions, etc.

Do you know how many pipeline explosions there are?

I went to Wikipedia looking for recent pipeline explosions:
But the answer wasn't there. Directed me to a separate page just for the United States:
Again, not there!
THERE ARE SO MANY PIPELINE ACCIDENTS that Wikipedia has created a page just for those since 2000:
There have been 188 pipeline major, reported, known accidents since 2000, or about 15 per year.

There are at least 2 exploding compressor stations which are not on this list
(Williams/Lathrop, Montrose PA 4/2012,. and Millenium in Windsor 7/2012)

Every time I see a house exploding for no reason (e.g., Corning),
or a pipeline (San Bruno, 2012, et. al.,).
or a compressor station (Windsor),
I often think about these comedy shows,
which epitomize the Public Relations Response:

NORMALIZE the HORROR so that eventually, people barely notice.

Hoping you don't consider this too off-topic.
Maybe will stimulate some discussion.

I think the point here is to NEVER let them be successful in normalizing the horrors of fracking.
  • React with shock and horror, feel the reaction in your body,
    notice what ever comes up, anger? fear? sadness?
  • with every well flare -- notice it, witness it,
  • with every compressor station explosion -- be mindful of how your body feels.
  • with every tree which is cut for a pipeline or well pad or access road -- do you feel the loss?
  • with every drop of our precious water which is lost, forever. -- can you sense this in your body?

PS: if you know of any pipeline accidents not listed here,
please update the wiki entry...

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building up in pipelines causing them to rupture and fail?


May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

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