Monday, November 5, 2012

EID Flyover of Kiskadden Site Missed the Super Mister

Our friends at EID are at it again....

In case you haven't heard, there is a major scandal at the PA DEP now.

Basically, a family living near gas drilling operations has their water turn bad. (Does this sound like Deja vu to you?). They call the PA DEP who comes out a does testing. Surprise! The test results show elevated levels of a few heavy metals, but no indications of those found in drilling solutions. 

"Whew! That was close" mutters the industry PR flacks. 

Only problem: the test results were doctored. The man hires an attorney, and the attorney calls in people from the PA DEP for a deposition. AND THEY ADMIT they were altering the results!

"Oh, this is bad... BAD!" our PR flack friends exclaim over their morning coffee...

This is such a major scandal and Public Relations Disaster because it casts offical doubt on the gas industry BIG-LIE that there has never been water contamination due to drilling/fracking.

No naturally, our friends at Energy in Depth leaped into action.  

"What's a PR man to do?"

So he flipped open his Gas Industry PR Playbook:

And he found the RULE NUMBER 1: ATTACK THE MAN!

What an incredible FULL SPECTRUM response. They dug up county court record, found some mug shots, and even hired a pilot to fly over the plaintiff's auto salvage yard:

EID hires a pilot to fly over plaintiff's house
in order to "Attack the Man", 
which is Industry PR Response Rule #1

Presumably the argument is that anyone who runs a salvage yard, or who has been in trouble with the law DESERVES to be sick from drinking bad water?
And they published maps from Google Earth about the surrounding soils:

So I was intrigued. I decided to have a look on Google Maps and Bing maps, find this location, and see what I could see. Have a look for yourself:
What I found was a rural area which had been heavily industrialized: well pads, compressor stations, pipelines, and several massive multi-acre impoundment ponds for waste within a couple of miles, one which is just down the road (and up the hill) from the Kiskadden site.

I knew I had seen this site before, so I started digging around, and found a couple of references to the Super Mister, which actually turns the frack waste into an aerosol, in order to put the chemical wastes INTO THE AIR!

It's no wonder the Kiskadden family is sick.

The PR people seem to be sick too, just in a different way.
Sick in that they justify and argue for the suffering of others,
and defend the industry which is destroying the land 
and poisoning the air and water.

If it wasn't so sick, their pathetic PR pablum would be laughable.

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