Thursday, April 16, 2015

Invitation to Buckingham VA Sunday ++ My Prayer

If anyone is in the vicinity, I will be giving a talk about Pipelines
and Compressor Stations in Buckingham County, Virginia.,
along with Nadia Steinzor, from Earthworks.

If the trip is possible, would love to have some #BXE-crew
or other pipeline fighters from VA, DC, MD, or NC groups
fighting the Dominion Atlantic Coast Pipeline or other
piplines/compressors, come out and show support.

There are two different communities there.
My hosts are the Yogaville Community, a largely
affluent, white, and educated.

The town of Buckingham is the exact opposite.
One of the last areas to integrate in the nation,
so access to public schools has been only recent.
Very poor, people of color.

The people there are largely have no internet.
I said, they have no internet there.
Most people are not online.

Talk about environmental justice, they are pushing a 30,000 HP
compressor station on these people. The church where we will
present will likely be forced to close its doors if the station is built.

Please come and support if you can. This people are very cut-off.
They need to have contacts with other groups,
people looking after them, checking in on their progress.

Thank you!!!
Please share this on ACP lists, and VA pipeline and VA environment lists.

My Prayer
I am thinking about the new FERC commissioner and chair Norman Bay.
And this thought arose:

Please let us all strive to be Quantum Activists--
Let us imagine that Norman Bey is presently
a "super-position of states"

We do not know how he will act.
He's largely a blank slate.

He is like a pair of dice before being tossed.

Also know that they are watching
all of us very carefully.

Industry contractors and PR operatives are sending
our social-media postings directly to FERC. We
know this from a FOIL request from some of the
Minisink folks. These ex-parte communications with industry
are common.

We must remember -- We have incredible power here.
Our efforts can and are having a profound impact.

I say this prayer-- (and suggest it to you :)
"May Norman Bay's actions
as well as the other Commissioners
as well as our own actions,
be motivated by truth and compassion always,
for the goal of protecting and preserving life. "

I believe this intention can help "collapse the quantum wave function"
in one way vs. another. In this way, I believe we can affect the
material reality 
with our thoughts, speech, and deeds.

We can influence Norman Bay's actions.

May our thoughts/speech/ and deeds be performed with skill
and motivated by wisdom

All the best to you,

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
-- ancient Buddhist Prayer (Metta)

Don't forget to sign the
Pledge to Resist
the Constitution Pipeline:

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