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INVASION of the Bomb Trucks! Town of Fenton, Broome County!!

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High-tech "Bomb trucks" carry 12 Tons of Methane at High Pressure

We already have Xpress Natural Gas (XNG)'s facility in Forest Lake, Susquehanna County,PA. As I have documented on my blog, this operation appears to be 8% of the Constitution Pipeline implemented by trucks. This site has only been in operation for three months, and ANOTHER site is planned! Pentagon Energy has a proposed "Mother Station" facility 4x bigger in New Milford, Susquehanna County.

NOW A THIRD in Town of Fenton, near Binghamton!

Fenton Town Hall, 44 Park Street, Port Crane NY.

ZBA meeting (6pm) and Planning Board (7pm) 
This Tuesday 5/23/2017

Rally at 5:30 / Hopefully a Press Conference at 5:45

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XNG Mannheim Facility receiving "Bomb Trucks" from PA

Need eyes on this!!

Look at the RESIDENTIAL areas this Bomb Trucks will have to travel through:
This site has NO EASY ACCESS to any highway!


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Friends, these virtual pipelines are a really major thing and it's happening VERY quickly, and there is VIRTUALLY NO REGULATION AT ANY LEVEL OF GOVERNMENT!!!


What you need to know about the proposed natural gas compressor station

FENTON (WBNG) -- A natural gas station proposal in the Town of Fenton has some residents and neighboring community members concerned. The project could bring nearly 150 new jobs to the area, but could also impact local parks and schools.
Village of Port Dickinson Mayor Kevin Burke says his constituents are outraged about a new natural gas compressor station that could be going in right on the Port Dickinson-Town of Fenton line.    
It is a Town of Fenton project. If it passes, the company NG Advantage will build a station where trucks can directly fill up with natural gas along the already existing Millennium Pipeline. According to the Town of Fenton Planning Board, the proposed station would be going along the West Service Road. The site is right next to Port Dickinson Community Park. It is also in the flood plain and would operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
You can learn more about the project here:
"There will be these 53-foot tankers coming in and they're saying during the warmer months there will be 50 coming in and 50 going out everyday," said Burke. "In the colder months there will be 100 coming in and 100 coming out everyday."
Burke says it is his understanding the trucks would go to and from Oneonta. The Village of Port Dickson has a strict five-ton limit for its roads. The only way trucks could get to and from I-88 would be to loop on the West Service Road back to Chenango Bridge Road, which runs near the Chenango Valley Central School District.

"That West Service Road is really our artery from our Chenango Bridge Elementary, over the bridge of 12A, down the West Service Road, gets us to our primary Port Dickinson building," said Chenango Valley Superintendent David Gill. "Seeing increased traffic on the West Service Road of 50 to 100 tankers is my concern."
Gill said he is also concerned with the chemicals in the pipeline. He and other members of the district will meet with NG Advantage later next week to further discuss the project.
Town of Fenton Supervisor David Hamlin says he has met with NG Advantage multiple times last year. NG Advantage says the actual product in the pipeline is nothing like propane and is lighter than air. Though it is a hazardous material, Hamlin says he's confident in the safety standards NG has laid out.
"It is a very professional firm," he said. "I am impressed with the safety measures they have in place. If there is any kind of a leak detected, the entire system shuts down just like that. It can be shut down there. It is going to be manned 24/7. It can be shut down from a remote site and they have very high ratings from OSHA."
Broome County leaders have expressed some concerns. In a 31 page report, the Broome County Department of Planning and Economic Development outlines its findings with the project. It says it would "have significant negative county-wide and intercommunity impacts" citing noise, air quality and transportation concerns.You can read the full report below:
NG Advantage says it has already taken steps to ensure quality of life doesn't change for those living near the site.
"We are doing a dedicated noise study," said Gerry Meyers, Chief Operating Officer with NG Advantage. "We did an initial noise study based on the equipment we are putting on the cite and we are going to be significantly lower than the background noise that already exists from the interstate."
You can learn more about NG Advantage here.

Tuesday night the Town of Fenton ZBA Board (6pm) and the Planning Board (7pm) will vote on the project, with both needing a super majority to pass.

May you, and all beings
be happy and free from suffering :)
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